• $8.75

They'll always respect a goal digger and will always wait for a gold digger to fail. Make a plan, beat those goals! 

Bar necklace laser engraved with GOAL DIGGER

14K Gold Plated or Silver (Stainless Steel)

17-20" Chain length with 2" Adjustable Clasp

$8.75 WP / $28.00 MSRP

**Please note wholesale/retail delivery on NEW Silver (Stainless Steel) is 4/1/19**


200 500 1000 1500 2500 5P
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PRODUCTION SAMPLE: Cost Varies SETUP: $150 (P) REORDER SETUP: waived TEST REPORTS: $275 per style per color (net) RUNNING CHARGE: $.20 (P) LEAD TIME: 30 - 45 business days FOB: Las Vegas

Additional Costs may Include: Custom Packaging, Revised Production Samples, Requested Test Reports, Expedited Shipping